Somebody’s Getting Married!

7ac1391ac70ac0dfe63f8a498b55bd1fYou guys remember how I’ve been keeping all sorts of good news stashed for a while? Well, I can finally announce this golden tidbit that’s been tickling my brain for months!  Read more

Where’s Wyman? – CONvergence Edition

tumblr_mi4pvvD1yF1qihx7io1_400So, literally as I posted the previous entry about my Phoenix Comic Con schedule, my email brought me the glory of my CONvergence schedule.

It’s short, sweet but to the point. Here ya go, gang!

  • Writing Established UniversesThursday July 2, 3:30pm – 4:30pm – What are the challenges to writing a new story or an old story in a new medium, such as a screenplay based on a comic or the latest in a popular series? Where do you stay true and where can you change or add something new? Panelists: Sarah Prentice, Scott Pearson, Jamie Wyman, Charlotte Fullerton, Jason Glaser
  • Reinventing Shakespeare – Sunday July 5, 9:30am-10:30am -Why do Shakespeare’s works make such strong foundations for reinvention in speculative fiction? Is it the ghosts and supernatural elements, or the strong characterisation and conflict? And are some works better suited to adaption than others? Panelists: Jamie Wyman, craig cormick, Ruth Berman, John Heimbuch, Anne Lyle

So that will be my time in Minnesota. There may be something special in the works for that weekend outside of CONvergence itself, but sshhhh, I didn’t say anything. Shh.

I hope to see you at Phoenix Comic Con or CONvergence!

Fantastic Pajamazons and Where To Find Them

anigif_enhanced-buzz-10113-1385611288-2Greetings, Programs! It’s convention season and I’m stoked as hell for Phoenix Comic Con and CONvergence. If you come to one of these shows we can see one another and hang out and have chai and and and! IT WILL BE SO AWESOME, my minions. AWESOME I TELL YOU!

So, I’ve got my Phoenix Comic Con schedule! It goes a little something like this: Read more

I’m Not A Whore

the_avengers_black_widow-wide-1024x1022Let’s talk about superheroines. Badass women saving the world/galaxy through sheer grit and guile. There are tons of them in comic mythos, in books, but very few have made the transition to big-screen film. As it stands, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is strides ahead of its competition, so everyone’s been patting Kevin Feige on his back for that. Thing is? While Agents of SHIELD boasted five very intriguing, strong female characters (May, Skye, Gemma Simmons, Mockingbird and Reina), Marvel’s films have enough female characters that I can count them on both hands and need only one to grow on.

There are eleven twelve*. Eleven Twelve women who are forces to reckon with in the MCU. And of those eleven, there are three who are not immediately defined by their relationship to someone else. (Of the remaining 9, only one of them is not defined by her relationship to a man, and that would be Jane Foster’s intern/quirky bestie Darcy.)

And of those three, two of them are called whores.

And that’s a problem.


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News and An Update on a Known Issue

tumblr_m8ytqsPpGs1rnudxpAs devoted readers of this blog will know, recently the rights to my debut novel WILD CARD–the first book in the Cat Sharp series–reverted to me. I have self-published WILD CARD with a spanking new cover. You guys wanted a print version of WILD CARD and guess what… IT’S HERE!! You can buy it directly from CreateSpace. Amazon will be carrying it within the next few days as well.

So I’m very excited that this is finally a thing.

That being said, I’ve found a small bug in the new WILD CARD system that I wanted to address. Read more