Friday Flash – Teeth

gaslamp whitechapelHeylo, lovely people. So before we get to today’s Flash Fiction, I have two announcements for you.

1) The Kickstarter to fund UNINVITED (Etudes in C#, No. 3) will launch on September 1! You made UNVEILED possible. You want more Cat Sharp, now it’s time to find out what happens to her, Flynn, Karma….Marius? This time there will be some of the swag you love and some new rewards, including a tier for booksellers. I’ve got some surprises for you, so stay tuned and get ready. The push to make UNINVITED soar is going to happen September 1.

2) The whole Cat Sharp series will be coming to you in a new format: audio! That’s right, you’ll be able to purchase audiobooks of WILD CARD, UNVEILED and UNINVITED through Audible and iTunes. I’ve hired the stellar Mandy Nelson to voice our beloved Cat Sharp and tell these stories. I’m really happy with the work she did in auditioning for the role and can’t wait to see what she puts together. We hope to have WILD CARD available for purchase in late November/early December, with UNVEILED on your device a few months later. The UNINVITED audio release will coordinate with the e-book/print release in late 2016.

So that’s what’s happening here.

About that flash… Read more

Friday Flash – “Bootleg Djinn”

genie-bottleSo this week I thought we’d stick with the genie theme from a couple of weeks ago. I also thought I’d play around in the universe of my urban fantasy series.

So a couple of years ago I wrote a flash piece for Christmas called “Belize Navidad” featuring Catherine Sharp and Marius on some strange errand for their boss Eris. Today’s flash piece comes some six months after or so when we meet the target of that mission. This is a quick and dirty character sketch of sorts where I play with Na’ar al Afrit and the idea of what happens when a genie is out of his bottle.  Read more

Step Right Up!

The_Case_of_the_Tattooed_Bride_1500Today’s the day! My latest novella is out in the world.

For those who might not know, I wrote a short story for last year’s alternate universe Sherlock Holmes anthology TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE BAKER STREETS (Abaddon Books).  That short story (“A Scandal in Hobohemia”) imagined the iconic detective and his partner as carnies in an American, Depression era circus. Readers and Abaddon enjoyed Hobohemia so much that they needed more, and this novella is the first sequel!
THE CASE OF THE TATTOOED BRIDE reprints the original story and launches you into the next installment, a story of blood, murder and love in the dirty 30’s. Step right up and have a look at the TATTOOED BRIDE.



(It will be available as an ebook only until early 2016 when it joins other novellas by Gini Koch and Glen Mehn in a print compilation from Abaddon. Ebooks are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, but I only have links to Amazon right now. I will update as I get the new links from my publisher.)

I’m ridiculously proud of this book. I truly hope you enjoy THE CASE OF THE TATTOOED BRIDE and take the time to leave a review on the site of your choice. The more you tell Abaddon and the world you like this, the more I get to write!!

<3 J.

Friday Flash – “A Touch of Flame”

candle_flameThis week’s prompt is three-fold. The title was randomly generated as per Chuck Wendig’s Flash Challenge from last Friday; I used Patreon Patron Brian’s suggestions of “forgiveness” and “iron ingot” as loose inspiration; AND I drew inspiration from a writing prompt that I saw on Pinterest about what life would be like for a genie living outside the lamp. Just shy of 1100 words, here is this week’s piece, “A Touch of Flame”. I hope you enjoy it.  Read more

Sad News

tumblr_m1tq177t7H1qieybwIt is with deep regret and disappointment that I tell you that I will not be attending CONvergence this year. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to get to Minnesota or anywhere near it, and thus, am stuck at home in Phoenix.

I’m very sorry to have to pull out of this event as I was very excited to join other authors on the panels, and to finally connect with people I’d only talked to online. This makes me absolutely sick to have to do, but I did all I could to get there, and it wasn’t enough.

I’m so sorry.

You might be wondering what exactly happened. If so, read on. Read more