Coping With Negativity

sherlock no nonoSo, the latest of examples of Authors Behaving Badly came to us this past weekend in the form of a Guardian article penned by one Kathleen Hale. In her article, Hale describes a descent from “author reading reviews” (which we all know you shouldn’t do, but we all do from time to time) straight down the spiral staircase to the irritable bowels of Hell. Essentially, Kathleen Hale admits to pretty high-intensity stalking of a woman who left a negative review for her book. That stalking revealed that said reviewer was using an online persona…and after reading about Hale going to this woman’s home and calling her at work to confront her, is it any surprise why one would do that?

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Don’t Stop Me Now

41a9efd8c71bfc3a0295d87ce8decaadSo there are two facts about me that many of you know by now:

1) I am a Whovian. (A fan of Doctor Who, for those who don’t speak my brand of geek.)

and 2) I have a very righteous, active and at times insane fantasy life.

When you combine these two things about me, and my profession as a writer, you get a distinct, burning desire on my part to write for Doctor Who. Now, I am under no delusions that I am, at this stage in my career, going to find that falling into my lap like a purring kitten. However, it’s a goal that I strive toward much the same way other pursue Oscars, Hugos or the ice cream truck. (Seriously, my episode of Doctor Who will be how I win my Hugo. Then I’ll buy an ice cream truck.)

So, you can imagine that my heart sank a little when I saw agency sibling and rock awesome story spelunker Paul Kreuger post this article at the Daily Dot.
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Mic Check

Barker copySo, I don’t have this whole “professional writer” thing figured out. (Shock and awe.) I, like most people, am just making shit up as I go along and hoping to every god that I don’t fall flat on my face in front of everyone.

There’s one thing, though, that I’ve been thinking about of late that I really struggle with. And that special something is maintaining enthusiasm while marketing myself.

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Not For Me

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Q&A Ongoing

tumblr_m7o5bhV6XU1qgztfyo1_250Good Monday morning, gang! Phoenix is underwater and my kiddo is home from school. So here I am on the internet.

So last week I was supposed to be on the #Hashtag podcast with Mike Woods and Karina Cooper. Sadly, that didn’t work out because technology. We will get the bugs worked out and do it again. However, when we said we’d be taking questions, a couple of you posted to my Facebook page with some of your queries. As these don’t really refer to the topic we were going to use on the podcast, I figured I’d answer them here. Consider today an open Q&A period. My own Ask Me Anything without Reddit. Here we go… First question… Read more