Me, Waldo & Carmen SanDiego

tumblr_m0uzowFnnP1qca78uo1_250Hey-lo and happy Friday, kids. Hope your week was as badass as you are. Wanted to clue you in to a couple of things that are going on around House Pajamazon. Pretty much, this post is letting you know where you can find me.

First, it was announced yesterday that I will be a guest at Phoenix Comic Con. Panels are still being scheduled, but I will be there. I will not have a table with swag this year, though. I’m hoping to get my books on sale through Mysterious Galaxy at the con itself. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll try to find another way to make my self-published works available to you–the con-goer–so that you can get stuff signed.

Also, I will be attending CONvergence in Bloomington, MN July 2-5. Again, panels are TBD and I won’t have a table. But I’m really looking forward to participating in this con. Can’t wait to finally meet some of you!

These are currently my only appearances for the year. Something else might come up, but at present the budget only allows for so much. I hope you can make it to one of these events, say hi and get free hugs.

Keep your eyes peeled for a few other announcements on the site soon. I’ve been keeping a couple of secrets (and I hate keeping secrets) since DECEMBER! and I finally get to announce in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space.

**Also, God bless the good people at Phoenix Comic Con. Thanks to their alphabetting, I am–on the guests page–on top of Jason Momoa.

So You’re New Here?

NBC-the-more-you-know-300x197There’s always someone diving into the writer pool. Some new, hopeful soul wanting to “make it”, or “get published”. Someone who decides they’re going to be an Author-with-a-capital-A. All of us start off as rookies. And being the newb can be scary. I mean, traditional publishing already comes with this weird cloak of mystery. It can sometimes feel like you need to know the secret handshake just to follow someone on Twitter. So, here is some free Rookie Author 101 advice for those who are doing the writing thing and want to go pro. Read more

When Jokes Attack


So, earlier this week I turned 35. I can now run for president in this country, check a new and exciting demographic box on forms, and refer to high school students as “those damn kids”. (Get off my lawn.) One of the things that reportedly comes with advancing age is wisdom. And I think I might’ve gained some recently along with leveling up.

It has to do with humor. It has to do with those pesky voices in my head that I’d rather bind, gag and shoot into orbit. It has to do with re-writing 35 years of programming.

So meet me after the jump and listen to the story of how Jamie realized she needs to be kinder to herself.  Read more


Today is my birthday. (Woot!) The following is a dramatic representation of what is going on in my head as told by gifs from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

marvelgif224041-horse-0 tumblr_m5c36cgqxS1rwcc6bo2_250images (1)tumblr_m1v2mg04mK1qag2mmo4_250

My reaction is best summed up as:

tumblr_mawazmNPQZ1qhq58jo1_500 tumblr_mi4v0aijvS1s5s1doo1_500

By this time, Volstagg hears about cupcakes that you can ride.


Then, the confection carnage begins. What did you think, Thor?


But someone was left out….


It’s okay, Loki. I have a special one just for you.


6a6d324b99d9cdc7ed4fa2561ab73d73 Loki

Cupcakes and a happy Loki makes a Pajamazon’s birthday a divine one. <3

Word Choice: It Matters

b3fdd4249f7c9a3a3f35293b97afe507Conjunctions play a big part in our communication. And. But. Or. They are major parts of our conversations. You want cake AND ice cream. You think Archie should choose: Betty OR Veronica. You would go do the thing, BUT… We use them tacitly, too. When we refer to her as “the pretty one”, we  imply “but she’s not smart as well”. When we say “he’s fat”, often times we silently add, “and ugly.” Even when the words aren’t there, they bring baggage with them.

These three tiny words manage a lot of our lives in ways we don’t even acknowledge. They dictate our actions and influence our self-talk.

But? But pisses me off. It is a word that has its uses, to be sure, however, it is often coupled with excuses. But allows people to forsake joy and ignore possibilities in favor of “safety” and coddling the yellow voices in our minds. But is the harbor of fear.

The one that infuriates me, though, is “OR”. Or is so fucking polarizing. Us OR them. For OR against. This OR that. Or limits conversation. While “but” at least dares to imagine possibilities, “or” restricts the act of thinking to a binary pattern. No variation. Column A OR Column B. Choose your side.

I hate OR.

I much prefer AND.

And allows rumination, conversation, change. And daydreams. And explores. And jumps through the ring of fire to see what is on the other side. And makes space for joy in this, our one and only life.

Three simple words that can shape our worlds, fictional and otherwise. Three words that have the power to make profound differences in our lives.

I choose to live a life of AND.