Thoughts on Jurassic World

Jurassic-World-The-GameSo last night I went to see Jurassic World. To give you some info on how I came into it…. I saw the original movie in the theater when I was about 12 years old. The sheer awe of that film still resonates now when I’m 35. I didn’t see the sequels (The Lost World or ….whatever Jurassic Park 3 was.) But I was intrigued to see what they did with this one. So, as people do when they want to see a movie, I went to a theater last night and parked myself in the seat for some dinosaurs. *Here be spoilers!* Read more

Friday Flash: “Abandoned Places”

It’s Flash Friday. Today I’ve written 985 based on Patreon Patron Brian’s image prompt as well as a prompt I found on Instagram.

Courtesy of "ItsAbandoned" on Instagram.

Courtesy of “ItsAbandoned” on Instagram.

Actress Jean Harlowe

Actress Jean Harlowe

At first, when Brian suggested this picture, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. When I saw the other photo pop up in my Instagram feed, I got goosebumps and knew I had to use it as a prompt. Not long after I looked back at the gown Harlowe is wearing, and the two pictures merged in my head. The story started talking and I got to writing.

So, two pictures. One story. For your consideration, here’s “Abandoned Places”.

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UPDATE: Crash’s Date!

Cover TTBThis is just a quickie to let you know that the new Crash Haus & Jim Dandy novella “The Case of the Tattooed Bride” has a new release date! Abaddon Books will be bringing you this carniepunk adaptation of Sherlock Holmes July 16th.

Sorry for the slight delay.

I love this book and can’t wait for you to read it.

Hrm. Something’s Missing

So, some of you might have noticed that today I’m not squeeing with new book release loudness. My novella “The Case of the Tattooed Bride” was due to come out today, however, I was informed last week that the book’s release will be pushed back a few weeks. When I get an actual date, I’ll let you know.

Soon, poppets. Soon.

So, in order to whet your appetite for some glorious carniepunk goodness, I thought I’d share some of my weekend reconnaissance with you. Read more

Full of Squee

Apparently, this is how you do it. By Zach Reddy.

Apparently, this is how you do it. By Zach Reddy.

So last week kicked some ass on a personal level.

First off… my brother-in-law saw a post where I said that I’d have no idea how to illustrate a Pajamazon in order to make a logo. Well, he heard that as the clang of a gauntlet.

The other kick ass thing? Well, that requires a bit of back story… Read more