Remember Who You Are

f1fc5760a24ce8c6ad94e4ff45331eb8No, I’m not going all Mufasa on you. Okay, actually, maybe I am.

So some crazy shit went down in Paris, France this weekend. And in Beirut, Lebanon. Suicide bombings, senseless violence. Murder. Death. As we’ve seen when tragedy strikes–be it hurricanes, terrorists or other disasters–these things can bring out the best of us. People coming out of retirement to be volunteer first responders. Cab drivers giving Parisians a free ride home. Hashtags or social media sites that help victims. Tips on how to deal with tear gas shared to people in Ferguson from people in Egypt.

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Patronus Question: Creation

tumblr_ma9bt5LDYz1rvd7mmSo this week I’m going to do something a little different. Patreon Patron (AKA Patronus*) Brian suggested the following topics for flash fiction: “Non-binary decision, free fall, what does it mean to create?” And while I love the idea of using these in fiction, I wanted to write about at least two of them in essay format. So this week, in lieu of 1000 words of flash fiction, I’m going to be taking on the topic of what it means to create.

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Greedo Swap

So I had this idea today. Now I might have been bingewatching Cracked.Com’s “After Hours” and “Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder” videos on YouTube all day, BUT! this popped into my head and began to unspool. It’s too long for Twitter (obvs) and the blog is better than Facebook about pictures (and I’m about 10 years too old to be on Tumblr), so YOU GET A BLOG!

What if Greedo was not some weird green alien speaking a foreign language? What if, in stead, Greedo was a sassy black woman? Read more

Friday Flash – Breton

I know it’s late, but I wanted to get this one in today. Patronus Joleen asked for a flash piece about “repentance and forgiveness”. This is for her. Also, it’s a screen test of sorts for a character who will be appearing in my WiP (working title “The Midwife”.) While things may change as I write that story, this is a chance for this character to say hello and introduce himself. So, without further preamble, here’s a letter from Breton.  Read more

Like Red, But Not Quite: What I Learned Having Pink Hair for 11 Months

Nov 18 2014So last November I went to a new colorist* who came highly recommended from a friend. I went in figuring that I would get pink highlights in my natural brown hair. When he asked to see pictures, I pulled up my Pinterest board and showed him what I was thinking.

“You don’t want highlights,” he said matter of factly. “You haven’t shown me a single picture with highlights. Everything you’re showing me is all-over pink. Take the plunge and DO. IT.”

So I did. And I’ve kept it all over pink (with a few tricks at times) since that day 11 months ago. And over that time, I’ve learned a lot. Read more