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221b-baker-street-sherlock-sherlock-holmes-Favim.com-451482_originalGood Monday morning, friends and lovelies. I’ve got a splendiforous announcement today that I’ve been sitting on for a bit. But now that ink and paper have met, and contracts have gone back and forth over the Atlantic, I can finally tell you all the good news.  An as-yet-untitled short story of mine will be appearing in Abbadon Books’ upcoming anthology “Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets”. 

colbert high five
From the Abbadon catalog:

The world’s most famous detective, as you’ve never seen him before!

A dozen established and up-and-coming authors invite you to view Doyle’s greatest creation through a decidedly cracked lens.

Read about Holmes and Watson through time and space, as they tackle a witch-trial in seventeenth-century Scotland, bandy words with Andy Warhol in 1970s New York, travel the Wild Frontier in the Old West, solve future crimes in a world of robots and even cross paths with a young Elvis Presley…

Set to include stories by Kasey Lansdale, Guy Adams, Jamie Wyman, J E Cohen, Gini Koch, Glen Mehn, Kelly Hale, Kaaron Warren, Emma Newman and more.

ISBN: 978-1-78108-221-8
Size: 129 x 198 mm
Page count: 384 (tbc)
Category: Anthologies/Science Fiction/Fiction
Format: B-Format Paperback
Price: £7.99

 I’m very excited to be working with editor David Thomas Moore, and can’t wait to read the other stories being cooked up by these exceptional authors.

Jamie Wyman is a pyromaniac who drinks too much chai. She enjoys writing, circus history, tattoos and has an unholy love of Tom Hiddleston.  She also thinks you're pretty awesome.


  1. AlisonNo Gravatar says:

    Rock on with your bad self! Way to go! That’s super exciting! I love AU Holmes and Watson stories. Which one are you writing or are you not allowed to tell?

    • JamieNo Gravatar says:

      The anthology isn’t necessarily retelling the old stories so much as putting Holmes and Watson in different timestreams and seeing what happens to them when they are not in England. What if they are monks or wizards or astronauts? That kind of thing. So I’m not so much taking an original Doyle work and reimagining it so much as I’m putting some of the characters and situations into a whole new tale.

      And that’s all you get for now. :)

  2. IngeNo Gravatar says:

    W00t!!!! :-)

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