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    Posted on 30/05/2013 by Jamie in boomdeyada, friends, Sillies, smartass.

    REM being climbed like a tree by John Barrowman.

    So, sometimes my friends and I will start talking and that conversation turns into a competition. Sometimes the results are glorious. BEHOLD!

    REM: I love your face.

    Me: Your face is like cascading liquid awesome.

    REM: Your face is like Tom Hiddleston with a Popsicle on a hot day.

    Me: Your face is like john barrowman and puppies.

    REM: Your face is like the good feeling that comes from delicious crispy bacon.

    Me: Your face is red velvet cake with david tennant in leather pants.

    REM: Your face is absinthe done the correct way, with a sprinkle of glitter.

    Me: Your face is a dub step margarita.

    REM: Your face is the late afternoon sun, observed from the safety of the shade with mimosa in hand.

    Me: Your face is a sonnet being read by benedict cumberbatch while the first snow falls outside.

    REM: Your face is Anton Yelchin, saving the day at the best possible moment with his Russian pimp shoes and red shirt.

    Me: Your face is Loki’s hair gently stroking baby sea turtles in the moonlight.

    REM: Your face is the gentle fluttering of millions of tumblr fangirls’ hearts when a new thing involving loki or supernatural comes out.

    Me: Your face is the whisper of a hummingbird hopped up on 3 shots of espresso and a geek beer.

    REM: Your face is a #BurritoWatch2013 update from Wil Wheaton.

    Me: Your face is like a tree climbed by john barrowman


    Me: I win!

    REM: Climbed me like a TREE. To be fair that was soooort of cheating. #Iaintevenmad


    Yeah… we’re odd, but we’re fun.

    Jamie Wyman is a pyromaniac who drinks too much chai. She enjoys writing, circus history, tattoos and has an unholy love of Tom Hiddleston.  She also thinks you're pretty awesome.

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  1. RhysNo Gravatar says:

    Hey! That’s me! I’m famous! Ah, the warm fuzzies that come of being loved by your favorite author.

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